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Lawrence S. DiCara, P.C.

Consultant, Lobbyist, Author


Larry DiCara is among Boston’s most recognized civic leaders in addition to serving as a consultant, lobbyist, and trained mediator.

A frequent speaker at colleges, universities and other venues, as well as a regular go-to source in Boston media, Larry has taught at Harvard, Boston University and the University of Massachusetts.

Larry has practiced real estate and administrative law and has been intimately involved with the development process in and around Boston for more than 40 years.






Larry serves as a consultant to owners and developers before the Boston Redevelopment Authority and most every other city and state agency in the Commonwealth


DiCara has extensive experience counseling clients on legislative matters at the federal and state levels. He frequently travels to Washington D.C., to represent clients and has been named Special Counsel to Massachusetts House of Representatives with respect to redistricting on several occasions.


DiCara's political memoir, Turmoil and Transition in Boston, was published by Hamilton Books in 2013. Larry has published many articles concerning issues of public policy, often collaborating with others.


Larry is a trained mediator specializing in complex commercial disputes, especially those focused on real estate transactions.
175 Federal Stre

Larry has been honored for civic leadership and has held leadership positions in a number of civic and charitable organizations over a period of decades.

He holds a B.A. in Political Science & Government from Harvard ('71), has been a member of the Boston Bar Association since 1979, and is a 1967 graduate of Boston Latin School



Turmoil and Transition in Boston tells the personal and political story of Larry DiCara, the youngest person ever elected to the Boston City Council.


DiCara’s story is intimately woven into the fate of his hometown of Boston. Then a federal court order mandating busing to achieve racial integration in the public schools ripped apart his city. DiCara shows how public policy decisions and economic and demographic changes from that time transformed Boston into one of America’s most diverse, affluent, and successful cities in the twenty-first century.

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